Nowak's Restaurant

Nowak’s Steak’s just got better in the Midtown Atlanta neighborhood of Morningside!

Do you know the history of the Porterhouse steak?

Porterhouse Steak is named by some as the “King of the T-Bones”. Why, because it is essentially a T-bone steak, only super-sized. Both steaks are cut from the same part of beef – short loin (known also as a “sirloin” across the Commonwealth nations), but Porter House includes more from the tenderloin part.

Both chops contain a T-shaped bone, with cuts of meat on each side. The main and fundamental difference is the sheer size of the Porter House Steak. This one is only for the serious meat lovers! I mean, you have to show some dedication to finish this kind of cutlet. Let me just give you the U.S. Department of Agriculture instructions: the filet has to be at least 1.25” thick in the widest section to be certified as a Porterhouse Steak. In comparison, T-bone has to be only 0.25” thick. Now that’s a major difference. No wonder this cut is often ordered toshare between two diners.

Now that you are in the know in the ATL! When are you going to come get this Killer Steak at Nowak’s? Make your reservation on RESY or call Nowak’s at 678 705 4231.

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